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    Topsky has a full set of tooling equipments, such as large-scale CNC machining center, EDM, wire Cut together with measure equipments, such as project, CMM. With continual investment in new manufacturing capabilities and constant drive to increase automation have resulted in improved mold quality and time to market. 

    We are experienced to design and manufacture big size molds for Automotive, Industrial parts. The maximum mold size we can made is up to 2.5M, mold weight 35T. 

    All our molds are fully designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Keeping good control at every stages and communicate with customers to guarantee the quality of the molds. 

    Our mold steel is purchased from following suppliers.The original certifications of mold steel and heat treatment will be offered to the customers.
    - Steel standard for mold cavity&core: 420:S136/1.2083, H13:1.2344, P20:1.2311,1.2738

    - Steel standard for Mold Frame: 1.1730/ P20.

    - Devices to cool the temperature of the mold: Ampco, Moldmax, Beryllium Copper. 

    For hot runner system, we use the brands who can supply international service according to production demand or customer's requirement, such as: YUDO, Synventive, HRS, HUSKY, MOLDMASTER, INCOE, DME, HASCO or other brands per customers’ request. We have good relationship with these hot runner system providers, it is easier and faster for us to have their 

    After the mold validated by customers, we will pack the molds with standard export packaging to avoid any damage and rust during delivery, the related final mold data and documents which would be burnt into a CD/DVD which will be put in the wooden box and shipped with the mold together.

    We have professional co-works to track the samples or mold shipment to assure customer to receive the goods on time, normally we use the following express for the shipping.