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    Quality product & production efficiency come from the perfect design. Mold designers from Topsky merge proven design concepts and advanced CAE/CAD/CAM software analysis to optimize each mold design. A through mold design analysis including DFM(Design For Manufacturing) and Moldflow analysis can yield high quality and lower cost. We are continually expanding our analytical capabilities to ensure the best mold design for each mold.


    We have 15 mold designers. They are well trained and familiar with export mold standard such as DME inch/metric, HASCO, DAIDO or customized standard, so the molds can work perfectly in the country or region as our customer planned. 

    We offer a wide range of mold technologies and options based on your parts and development needs, such as,

    - Prototype mold

    - Pilot/Pre-production

    - Cold/Hot runner mold

    - Insert mold

    - Die casting mold


    In addition to conventional single-face mold, we have expanding experience with other complex mold technologies to enhance our competitiveness, such as,

    - Over-mold

    - 2-shot mold 

    - Unscrewing mold

    - Stack mold



    Our software include,

    - 2D: AutoCAD

    - 3D: Unigraphics(UG), CATIA, Pro/E, Solidworks

    - CAE: Moldflow

    - CNC Program: Powermill, MasterCAM, Ungigraphics(UG)


    We can accept 2D&3D data format transfer:

    - 2D files: dwg, dxf, edrw, pdf

    - 3D files: catpart, stp,step, x_t, igs, prt, Sldprt