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    About Us
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    Topsky a eagle culture: self-reinforcing and fortitude; considerate and sharp; Be brave in innovation and enterprising.


    Self-reinforcing and fortitude--Company need lower cost, good quality and best service then can keep going forever. The products quality of the company just as a human character, it’s visible, quality is company’s life, soul and dignity. All peoples and company must remind itself, pay attention to the details. From the management, quality, skills, cost, efficiency and ability then can to control every details and envy of all things.

    Considerate and sharp--Company need to distinguish around things clearly and concisely. Into the nature of things, helping us make the right judgment and decision. Only on this way we can effectively implement our plan then achieve our goal.
    Be brave in innovation and enterprising--We live in a high rhythm information and internet time, every moment should have sense of crisis, always aware of ourselves problems and weaknesses, every moment make the right judgment and analysis to ourselves, so that can make a correction and improve to ourselves in time.