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    Topsky Precision Mould Ltd. was found in 2006. After a few years development, Topsky need more space to expand, in 2016 we build up a new factory in Chang'an, Dongguan, The two factories covers more than 16000 square meters with 150 employees. Our annual manufacturing capacity is around 300-400 sets of molds from different size.
    Topsky has rich experience in mold design, mold making and injection molding, especially in the field of automotive parts, industrial parts, home appliance etc. Topsky has advanced equipments, professional project management and good quality control system, Topsky has grown up to be an international plastic injection mold supplier with customers from North America, Europe, Asia etc..


    Topsky has a full set of tooling equipments, such as large-scale CNC machining center, EDM, wire Cut together with measure equipments, such as project, CMM. With continual investment in new manufacturing capabilities and constant drive to increase automation have resulted in improved mold quality and time to market.

    We are experienced to design and manufacture big size molds for Automotive, Industrial parts. The maximum mold size we can made is up to 2.5M, mold weight 35T. All our molds are fully designed and manufactured base on the customer’s requirements.

    Injection Molding

    All molds manufactured by Topsky are fully tested to verify the specifications of molds and parts prior to shipment. During the test, our engineers record testing molding parameters and conditions. After the tests, mold trial reports together with full dimension report will be provided to the customers within 3 working days. Prior to serial-production.

    We can also provide the production parts and assembled parts to our customer, our production system is in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality control procedures to ensure the products meet customer's requirements.

    Our Products

      The Brands We Served

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